Connected Future

Commissioned by the Daniels Corporation in 2018 and installed November 2019; 2 carved, unpainted white cedar poles 10’ and 12’ for the commercial lobby of The Arc Erin Mills, 2520 Eglinton Ave W., Mississauga, ON

The Poles

These two poles document through carved traditional indigenous and universal symbols the long history of Mississauga prior to European contact, the Daniels vision for today’s vibrant community and the rich future that awaits.   Carving a pole requires not only artistic skill, but an intimate understanding of cultural histories and forest ecology. 

The poles are carved in White Cedar, a sacred medicine for Indigenous people.  Prior to the removal of these trees from Mother Earth, a Smudging Ceremony was performed to pay respect to our Mother and our Creator, for the gift of the tree that was removed from Nature for man’s use. 

The Eagle – represents the connection between the Creator, and the People on Mother Earth.  They are placed on top of each pole to honor the connection to provide protection for mankind.

The Heron – represents leadership, recognizing the efforts of the past generations and our ability to progress and evolve.

The Fish – represents our reliance upon water, and the need to protect it for ourselves, and future generations.

The Otter – represents strength, and the resilience of the animals and man on Mother Earth.  We all strive to create the Future, and its vision that lies before us.

The Feather – represents healing.  As we move towards the Future, we must be accepting of all Cultures and diversity that make up our community. This is the Healing that will unite us all.

Power Lines – connect each symbol in unity.  Power lines represent the roots of our existence, the ties to Mother Earth, and the hope of a unified Culture going forward.