Story Poles

“I work with images of Indigenous People, and the stories about them that I have learned from my Culture over the years. I take the story of the people who are having the pole created, and transform it into its own story for us all to see as we visit it for many years to come.”

Creator of the Canadian National Exhibition “Unity Pole”

Some Previous Works

Kris also carves various items in wood.  White cedar is in abundance in the area where he lives, and it it is the wood of choice for outdoor and indoor works.  Cedar is both beautiful in colour and tone, and its strength and resistance to insects and weather make it the obvious choice.   Kris is however not adverse to working  with other woods if available.  All wood work is done by hand with hand tools only.  Only on occasion are poles “roughed out” with a chain saw before finishing and painting by hand.

Commissions Available Through

Ojibway Sculptor

One of the foremost Ojibway Soapstone sculptors in Canada, if not North America.

Anishinaabe Heritage

Draws on his heritage and his surroundings as inspiration for each carving he creates.

Subjects, Legends & Peoples

Translated into intricate soapstone and wood carvings, or acrylics on canvas or hide.

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